??? Across Ontario??Diverted Tires Help the Sunshine Foundation Provide Special Experiences for Over??100 Children ???


TORONTO, August??3, 2012 — Scrap tires can make dreams come true for the Sunshine Foundation of??Canada. Between May 28th??and June 2nd,??Ontarians dropped??off over 139,000 used tires at 72 locations across the province. These collection??events raised??$357,960??for the Sunshine??Foundation Children???s Charity??at the 3rd??Annual Tire Take Back Events, organized by Ontario Tire??Stewardship (OTS) and the Ontario Automotive??Recyclers Association (OARA).


The six-day??recycling blitz helped divert tires from landfills, while raising money to assist??children with severe physical disabilities and life-threatening??illnesses fulfill??a personal dream or take part in an adventure they will never forget. The??collection allowance that OARA members receive for each tire??dropped off is??matched by OARA and coupled with donations from registered tire haulers Liberty??Tire Recycling and Trillium Tire, to create an overall??donation to the Sunshine Foundation of Canada.


???Congratulations??to Ontarians for their outstanding recycling efforts and creating??the most??successful tire collection event to date,??? said??Andrew??Horsman, Executive Director,??Ontario Tire Stewardship. ???The number of tires collected nearly tripled last??year???s amount, and stacked on top of each??other, could be the height of more??than 65 CN Towers. Each year, in partnership with OARA, we strive to create a??stronger green economy, build??sustainable markets for products that contribute??to a low-impact environmental future, and make unforgettable dreams come true??for more children??through the Sunshine Foundation.???


This year, the OARA member that??collected the most tires from residents in their area will also be recognized??with??a gift-in-kind of up to??$15,000 worth??of tire-derived products to be used toward a community facility??or project. This year???s prize goes to??Woodbeck??Auto Parts in Stirling, Ontario, for??collecting nearly 25,000 tires. Woodbeck??will use the prize money to provide recycled rubber flooring to refurbish a??local hockey arena,??the Stirling??District Recreation Centre??of Stirling-Rawdon.


???We???re proud to recognize our 72 participating OARA??members for their growing efforts to recycle not only tires, but thousands??of vehicles and auto??parts each year,??? said Steve Fletcher,??Executive Director of OARA. ???For the second year in a row, Woodbeck Auto??Parts not only led the province in the??collection, but also exceeded??last year???s efforts by 21,000 tires. Honourable mentions also go to??Hotch???s Auto Parts in Ameliasburgh and Sonshine Auto??Parts??in Cumberland, who gave Woodbeck some fierce competition. In total this??year we had eight members exceed the total collected by Woodbeck’s??winning??number last year.???


OTS tracks and manages how the approximately 12 million tires sold??in Ontario every year are handled once they reach the end of their service??life,??diverting them from burning facilities and landfills.????Through the Used Tires Program, Ontarians can??drop off up to four used tires each for free at??hundreds of registered??collection locations around the province, and the tires collected will be??reused or recycled into new consumer products such as??rubber mulch, door and??car mats and roof shingles. To date, Ontario Tire Stewardship has helped??recycle more than 33 million tires in Ontario. Please??visit??GreenMyTires.ca??for??details on registered collectors across the province.


An??official presentation ceremony for the Sunshine Foundation of Canada and the??designated community project receiving the $15,000 gift-in-kind??will take place??today at 10:30 a.m. ET at Woodbeck Auto Parts in Stirling, Ontario. Photos from??the events, such as stacks of tires collected, are??available upon request.


About the Sunshine Foundation

The??Sunshine Foundation of Canada makes dreams come true for children living with??severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. For more??information, visit www.sunshine.ca.


About OARA

The??Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (www.oara.com) represents 130??professional auto recyclers across Ontario who recover and recycle??end-of-life??vehicles for their parts reuse and materials recycling.


About OTS

Established in 2009, Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) is an Industry??Funding Organization (IFO) incorporated under Ontario???s Waste Diversion Act, to??implement and operate the Used Tires Program.


The program recycles and reuses the 12 million tires sold annually??in the province, preventing them from ending up in landfills or being dumped??illegally. Instead, OTS directs these scrap tires to recyclers who use them to??make new green products for a variety of applications including home,??garden,??school, arena, park and more. ??Beyond recycling, OTS also educates and??encourages Ontarians on the use of tire derived products ??? items made??from used??tires that actually last longer and work better than similar products in??market, and educates Ontario drivers on how to get the most life and??performance from their tires.


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