Thunder Bay Auto Parts Does its Part to Keep the Environment Free of Mercury

Did you know that your vehicle is the largest and most recyclable item you own? A professional vehicle recycler or dismantler can ensure that up to 80% of an end-of-life vehicle is reused or recycled, while the remaining 20% is disposed of responsibly. Vehicles contain a wide range of materials that need to be managed once they are decommissioned or reach the end of their useful life. Fuels, ??oils, coolants, batteries and heavy metals such as mercury all need to be removed by a professional to ensure that there is no environmental impact.?? Thunder Bay Auto Parts has demonstrated their commitment to preventing hazardous materials from entering our environment by participating in Switch Out, a mercury switch removal program.

Vehicles are no longer being manufactured with mercury; however some vehicle makes and models built before 2003 contain small amounts of this heavy metal. The mercury is contained in metal casings or ???mercury switches??? that can be found in anti-lock braking system (ABS) sensor modules and convenience light assemblies under the hold and truck of the car. It is important to remove these mercury switches before a vehicle is crushed, shredded and recycled into new steel to prevent the mercury from being released into the environment.

Switch Out is an award-winning national program designed to remove, collect and manage mercury switchs from end-of-life vehicles. The program was launched by Summerhill Impact in 23001, and since that time Switch Out has recovered and properly managed over half a million mercury switches. That???s equivalent to 425 kilograms of mercury or the weight of an adult male polar bear.

Switch Out would not have been able to reach this milestone without the dedication of program participants like Thunder Bay Auto Parts. In 2011, Thunder Bay Auto Parts collected 168 mercury switches which is equivalent to 142.80 grams of mercury. Even a small amount of mercury has a significant environmental impact, so the team at Thunder Bay Auto Parts should be congratulated for doing their part to keep the environment mercury-free.

The success of the Switch Out program has not gone unnoticed. In the fall of 2011, Summerhill ??Imapct won a Ministers??? Award for Environmental excellence for work on the Switch Out program. This award from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment recognized initiatives that show excellence in pollution prevention, stewardship and environmental community building.


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